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award-winning product design agency

Really fun, super high energy - amazing for teams to loosen up!

Jonathan Courtney


Learning improv skills with Henri & Blake was so applicable for our business, where we really care about engaging with our customers and delivering the highest quality presentations and training.

Dee Scarano

Head Trainer

Such a fun and effective way to gain confidence in presentation skills and team work! Every company should try this!

Brittni Bowering

Awareness Lead


Two hours with Henri & Blake and you love them, your colleagues, yourself and even leaving work at 7pm!

Rhita Oud

Partnership Manager

Not just lots of fun, but a great learning experience, too! I'd highly recommend Henri & Blake!

Luca Galante

Business Development Manager

Henri & Blake brought me closer to my team members and taught me valuable lessons that I can confidently apply in my job in sales.

Jude Soub

Partnership Manager

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Henri & Blake



connecting great guides with smart travelers

I was looking for a fun and interactive workshop to push us out of our comfort zone and help us all develop empathy and listening. It more than surpassed my high expectations - these transferable skills will be tremendously valuable.

Dave O'Kelly


Henri & Blake managed to make 30 people from all over the world forget their inhibitions and become a team!


City Manager

Henri & Blake's workshop made me feel much more open and free to improvise in front of a group, colleagues and managers in our case. It was so much fun, they did an amazing job and EVERYBODY was totally on board. It was a great experience!

Rocio Meneri

Regional Director

I really enjoyed being in total freedom to interact more with my colleagues. Henri & Blake's workshop was a great way to have fun and build bonds within the team!

Valentin Faulcon

Customer Success Manager

In Henri and Blake's workshop, you'll really get to see how impressively talented your colleagues are!


Technical Customer Success Manager

Adaptability becomes more and more important in the workplace, so learning how to improvise with Henri & Blake is definitely helpful for one's career progression.

Karl Villanueva

Product Manager

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global blockchain-based payment Service provider

The Bitwala team and I loved Henri and Blake's awesome improv workshop in the park. I can highly recommend to anyone trying to find a fun bonding activity for their team.

Ben Jones


Had a blast attending Henri & Blake's workshop! They were super friendly, we did super fun exercises and taught me helpful lessons that my team and I can apply in our daily work (and private) lives.


Online Marketing Manager

Henri & Blake pushed me beyond my comfort zone, which was energizing, and their workshop was quite an eye opener.  I would love to do more improv!


Mindspace Community Member

Honestly, it was amazing. I was taken out of my comfort zone in the safest and most comfortable way possible!

Keri Nicholas

Community Manager

beautiful and inspiring workspaces for teams of all sizes

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Henri & Blake
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