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Live to Play!

Improv for Stage and Life

Live to Play

Looking to brighten up your day-to-day, and lead a livelier, funnier life? 

Then join us in a course in becoming Improvisors, both on-and-off-stage!

We designed the “Live to Play” Series to empower you with the Improv Mindset and awaken in you the most expressive, confident, and positively playful ‘you.’


Throughout these classes you’ll experience first-hand the joys of building and connecting with the world around you as you blossom into a full-blown life-improvisor!

What our students are saying...

This was by far the best course I ever took!


Who would have thought you can improve yourself so much in your professional and personal life by having lots of fun?


Thank you guys! You are amazing!


If you've never done improv this class is the absolute perfect way to start.


I feel like I just discovered a whole new scene of wonderful people here in Berlin through this course!


I enjoyed every class of the course. It was the highlight of my week!


I felt safe to experiment with new games and new people.


The student show was a grand finale !


What You'll Get

Eight 2h45m Classes

1 Class Performance in

front of a live audience

Home exercises and reading

materials for deeper exploration

1 Class Performance in

front of a live audience

Home exercises and reading

materials for deeper exploration

Free Entrance to

ComedyShorts Berlin's

Improv Shows

1 Free class at
Spirit Yoga Berlin 

and Henri & Blake's

Improv Playground

A new mindset,

countless laughs

and lots of new friends!




Brian Kapell

Brian has been improvising for over 35 years, and was one of the founding members of ComedySportz, regarded as one of the USA’s most successful short-form improvisational comedy formats, in 1985.

He is the Executive Director of ComedyShorts Berlin, directs musicals for and with children through the Berlin International School.

Henri Parmentier

Blake Farha

Henri & Blake are life improvisors on a mission to empower everyone with the Improv Mindset so that, together, we can create a world in which everyone is excited to play their part.


Through their dynamic Improv-Based workshops, they have brought the Improv Mindset to companies like Google, Babbel, and Publicis, and are the organizers of a community of over 1,100 Berlin-based improvisors.


They also perform regularly throughout Berlin with their improv team, Skeleton Brains.

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