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We're empowering everyone to become an active life improvisor so that, together, we can build a world in which everyone is excited to play their part.

Henri Parmentier

Everyday I’m developing my artistic and business side, so I can share that combined experience with others, and help them grow.

Most recently, I’ve worked as a Product Owner and Team Lead in a Berlin Tech Start-Up, and became a certified Scrum Master (PSMII) to develop my expertise in team organization.


As an artist, I’ve been doing Improv Shows in three different languages around Berlin, am leading the creation of my own theatre production, and have played on stage the theatre classic Cyrano.


At work, in Theatre and Literature, I’m constantly exploring new avenues for personal development. By using Improv Theatre I want to bring about change in our work experience, and within ourselves!


What else is there to know?


I have a Master’s degree in Management from one of France’s top Business Schools, and I spent four years in Singapore working in HR before moving to Germany. In Berlin I’m always looking for inspiration by getting involved in meet-ups and conferences like TOA or the Altered Conference.

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Blake Farha

Performance and storytelling have always been my passion.

I’ve been playing for audiences ever since I sang in the elementary school Christmas musical, dabbling in everything from musicals to stand-up comedy.  As a singer/songwriter, I’ve self-released 6 EP’s full of songs about that ever-elusive search for self, and played on stages in three continents.


Wanderlust set in at an early age and, coupled with my love of languages, led me to teaching English in South Korea and France, and motivated me to pick up 5 languages throughout my travels, including Spanish, French, German, and, my personal favorite, Danish.


Professionally and personally, I aspire to be a direct participant in the joy and development of others, and in the nearly eight years I’ve worked in Education and Management, I’ve drawn heavily upon my stage skills to help guide and develop my students and colleagues. 


While working as an Agile Leader, Product Owner, and Project Lead at a Berlin startup, the relevance of the stage to the workplace suddenly became crystal clear.


Finally, the cosmos have aligned, merging all of my experience and passion into a single exciting pursuit: spreading the magic of improv for the betterment of all mankind.

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