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The Improv Mindset

By empowering everyone to become a life improvisor, we can build
a world together in which everyone is excited to play their part.

About Us

We're friends, artists, and business minded improvisors

...and we can't wait to share our passion with you.

Blending a decade of combined corporate experience and a passion for improv, we’re dedicated to helping teams rediscover the joy of collaboration, creativity, and daring to dream big together.


Our Podcast

We believe Improv has the power to change lives, maybe even the world

...and as we find out on "Improvise Till You Make It!", there is no shortage of improvisors out there who agree with us!

Through compelling, personal, and often tragically funny interviews, we discover how The Improv Mindset has changed the lives of our talented guest improvisors, while using these conversations as fuel for some intermittent improv comedy as hilarious as it is poignant.


Available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and anywhere you get your podcasts!


The Improv Manifesto

By spreading The Improv Mindset, we hope to help people experience the same impact it has had on our lives.

To that end, we have created The Improv Manifesto in order to define and articulate The Improv Mindset.  This way, people can understand it, spread it, and employ it in their lives for the betterment of everyone everywhere!

We genuinely hope it serves you, and all those with whom you choose to share it, as well as it continues serving us.


Our Workshops

Click on a workshop to find out what improv can do for you.

Built With Care

All of our workshops are...


A few hours, to a full day, our workshops can fit any schedule.


We'll have you on your feet and bursting with laughter as the lessons abound and the time flies.


We keep it personal, no matter how big or small your team is.


We bring our workshops to your office. We'll even book a space if you don't have one.


One size doesn't fit all. We'll build a workshop that's tailored to your team's needs.

Our Classes

Life is essentially one giant improv scene...

...so by learning the principles and values of improv, you can apply them offstage to live a brighter, fuller, more exciting life!

Join us for "Live to Play!" a class series dedicated to learning the principles of improv, and how to use The Improv Mindset in your daily life to become great life improvisors!



The people we work with love us, and they're sure you will, too.


I was looking for a fun and interactive workshop to push us out of our comfort zone and help us all develop empathy and listening. It more than surpassed my high expectations - these transferable skills will be tremendously valuable.

The Bitwala team and I loved Henri and Blake's awesome improv workshop in the park. I can highly recommend to anyone trying to find a fun bonding activity for their team.

Ben Jones
Dave O'Kelly

CTO at Bitwala

Henri and Blake create a safe environment, where you learn a lot about the currents of communication and collaboration at work you can identify and apply immediately in your daily interactions.

Holger Bauer

Team Lead of Learning and Development at Babbel



We love improv.  That's why we're building an entire community around it.

Through our Berlin based Improv Meetup, we are creating a safe and supportive environment where anyone can dive into improv exercises and games, with a heavy emphasis on playing and having a laugh.

With weekly meetups and over 1,500 active members, we're bringing people together, one improvised scene at a time.

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